About Celeslie Design

Get lucky enough to be pulled into Susan Celeslie’s orbit, and you’ll feel the force of her energy through every ounce of marrow in your bones. If that sounds like hyperbole, be assured– it’s all verified truth.

If interior design had a perfect pitch, Susan’s impeccable taste and critical eye would hit every note. She brings a sophistication and unique perspective into every project, and while the technical term for what she does is “interior designer”, Susan says she’s really in the business of transformation.

“The work I do is like a rebrand,” she says. “My clients know that who they were yesterday is not who they are today, and they want their space to match that transformation, but they don’t know how to do it on their own. That’s where I come in.”

When she first walks into a space, Susan almost always gets a personalized vision for how it should look– but she doesn’t rely on instincts and intuition alone. She discovers how her clients have grown and evolved, and once that happens, she helps them step out of the comfort of the past.

“My work is centered on creating a place my clients are proud of,” she says. “Like any great rebranding effort, design should reflect your life journey, but it should also align with all your growth and change throughout the years.”

Because of her adventurous spirit and creative insight, Susan has received numerous accolades over the years, from being named one of Architectural Digest’s Leading Designers, to being featured on HGTV. Nothing, however, outshines the connections she makes in the industry she calls home.

“My designs don’t just elevate a space, but elevate the people who will exist in it every day. To have such a positive impact on my clients– that is truly a gift.”

About Our Team

The professionals that Susan hand-selects for her projects are not just your average contractors, but artisans who take pride in everything they do. Just like Susan, they immerse themselves in every project, and strive to exceed every client’s expectations.

Celeslie Design’s

“Outstanding Contractors Only”

a synergetic partnership that provides mutual inspiration

an even balance of efficiency and diligent attention to detail

an “anything is possible” mindset that can create an environment tailor-made to each and every client